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Today’s boating adventures are building tomorrow’s memories.

Experience pontoon boating or luxury house boating on our rental fleet, go jet-skiing, fishing, find a quiet cove and sunbathe on the deck on one of Tennessee’s most beautiful lakes – or enjoy a fabulous meal at The Galley featuring outdoor dining overlooking the water. Enjoy the personal attention provided by our very friendly staff.

We encourage you to get out and enjoy all that Edgar Evins Marina has to offer.  Imagine heading out for the day (or the weekend) to:

  • Relax and get away from everything
  • Rent a houseboat and disappear to a private, secluded cove for the weekend
  • Party all weekend with family and friends either on the docks or on one of our rental boats
  • Go diving and swimming in the clearest, cleanest water in Tennessee

Rentals Available!

Center Hill Lake Facts

  • Lake is 64 miles long
  • Covers an area of 18,220 acres
  • Has a storage capacity of 762,000 acre feet of water
  • Approximately 415 miles of shoreline with the deepest point at 190 feet
  • Watershed area for the lake is 2,174 square miles
  • Major tributaries of Center Hill Lake include Caney Fork river and Falling Water River

Distance from Nearby Cities in Tennessee (Approximate) to Edgar Evins Marina:

  • Murfreesboro – 46.7 Miles
  • Bradyville – 44 Miles
  • Centertown – 38 Miles
  • McMinnville – 38.4 Miles
  • Watertown – 33.4 Miles
  • Gordonsville – 15.8 Miles
  • Cookeville – 25.1 Miles

Our dock side store offers:

  • Swimwear, hats, and sunglasses
  • Fuel
  • Snacks, ice, water, soft drinks and beer

This marina is available all times and days, all during the year and seasons. Contact us for more information or if you have questions!

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